Minimal Holiday Decorating

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! This year I am trying something new and taking a more minimal and simple approach to my holiday decor. We will see how this goes (next year I could be back to buying every holiday item I see), but I am trying to decorate less for two reasons. I am trying to save money and I am trying to save space. My husband and I just bought our first home and we will be renovating everything from floors to the kitchen (keep and eye out for renovation and DIY posts!) and we are trying to eliminate any unnecessary spending. We also have very little storage, so keeping holiday decor to a minimum is a must. I am so excited to be partnering with Shopko today to share some of my favorite, minimal décor items for the holidays. I am obsessed with candles especially for the holidays. They make your home smell warm and inviting and they are also a cute way to decorate. I chose this pumpkin spice candle for the center of my table and it was the perfect addition to this Sunday morning breakfast. Candles are a perfect touch to nightstands and on a fireplace mantle. These candles from Shopko smell amazing, look adorable and they are affordable. I also love to add a wreath to my front door. This one is darling and classic. Definitely a wreath you will keep for years. If you celebrate Christmas your home isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. I kept things simple and did a smaller tree in a basket (make sure to follow me on Instagram to see more pictures of my holiday décor). You wont believe how hard it was to find a tree that was taller than three feet, but smaller than 6 feet. This tree is the perfect size and is pre lit, which is a must for me. You can find all of my picks for simple holiday decorating below. Let me know your favorites and let me know how you like to decorate for the holidays in the comments below!

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*This was a paid partnership with Shopko. All opinions are my own.



  1. November 29, 2017 / 6:46 pm

    Yes! i absolutely adore candles (at all times honestly, but especially during the holidays)! it’s so important to simplify where we can and make our lives easier and more beautiful. i was just talking about this on my blog as well! ( thanks for the awesome content!


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